Curtain Headings

Choosing the right style of curtain heading can add that je ne se quoi to your new home or renovation. There are a number of styles which we can offer (NB fullness refers to the amount of fabric required to cover the window, taking into account the additional fabric needed for the pleats).

Pencil Pleat

Taped heading that has 2-2.5 fullness giving a lush gather (i.e. more fabric required)

Single Pleat

A single tuck to the front only requiring 1.5 fullness (i.e. less fabric required).

Double Pleat

Two tucks to the front requiring double (2) fullness

French Pleat

Three tucks to the front requiring 2-2.5 fullness

Inverted Pleat

A single tuck to the back making the front appear flat and requires 1.8 fullness

Wave Heading

A style of heading that uses gathered tape to create a uniform wave shape and requires 1.8 fullness