Curtains (otherwise known as drapes) help with insulation, look very elegant and provide very good privacy. There are a number of aspects to consider including fabric, lining, heading and drop length but also whether to also add voiles and tiebacks. Curtains also require tracks and we will work with you to discuss the best option for your needs.

Curtain Headings

Choosing the right style of curtain heading can add that je ne se quoi to your new home or renovation. There are a number of styles which we can offer.

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Curtain Lining

Curtain lining is often taken for granted! There are many types of lining and they perform a variety functions but, to keep it simple, here are some different types of lining.

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Voiles (or net curtains) are usually made of soft, sheer, lightweight fabrics. Because of their semi-transparent quality, voile curtains are made using specially manufactured heading tape that is less easily noticeable through the fabric.

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Curtain Accessories

The final touches that can complete the look you are after for your home or renovation project; includes tiebacks and rods and tracks.

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